Job title: Server Cabinet upgrade.

Customer: Network Rail.

Job location: RIDC Tuxford.

Job completion date:01/07/2022


Job description: Replacement of the existing server cabinet due to it being undersized and not being lockable. The server cabinet is located in the cleaners store room, where subcontractor electricians regularly have unsupervised access, naturally, Network Rail flagged this as a cyber safety issue and instructed JS Electrical to carry out any necessary works to get the system to the required safety level. JS Electrical opted for a larger than required cabinet to accommodate the sites ever growing network requirements.


Network Rail also requested that A UPS system was to be installed to keep essential network equipment live and running in the event of a power outage.

Job title: Church external lighting upgrade.

Customer: Heanor and Loscoe Town Council.

Job location: St Lawrence’s Church, Heanor.

Job completion date:18/05/2022

Job description: Replacement of the outdated, non functioning feature lighting around the perimeter of the church tower. JS Electrical designed and spec’d the lighting design after A site visit was carried out, the church requested for the lights to be warm white and as bright as possible, then left the rest to us, we opted for 500W custom built LED units, controlled via A central time clock, photocell and contactor panel.

The lights were installed over 2 days using A “Cherry picker” MEWP, since commissioning, these lights and their final result has attracted a lot of positive attention off of the local community and are especially a hit on foggy mornings.

Job title: Garden lighting.

Customer: BG Home Improvements.

Job location: Sheffield.

Job completion date:28/07/2021


Job description: Installation of all new garden feature lighting. During this project, we was required to work alongside BG Home Improvements on a garden renovation, installing ground lights around the perimeter, green flood lights within the trees and “up and down” lights on the new fence.


All lighting was spec’d by the customer, and although at first we could not vision the green lighting, the end results we’re brilliant.